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Measurable • Actionable • Deliverable

At 4Media Marketing our clients expect results for the best value and that’s what we deliver. The process begins with a clear valuation of the client’s objectives which leads to specific actions designed to meet those objectives. Once those actions are executed we monitor real-time results to measure effectiveness so the client knows immediately how a campaign is performing. If adjustments need to be made we can make them quickly and decisively. We are so confident in our experience and approach that we don’t require a retainer or a long term contract. Positive efforts translate to positive results.


30 Years of Experience

Local, Regional and National Brands

Mike Macomber has been creating effective television, radio and print advertising for over 30 years. The 4Media Marketing Group team aligns your marketing and advertising goals based on knowing what will work best for each situation.


Tailored to Your Budget

Individualized Plan

With our DO MORE, PAY LESS philosophy, not every client needs every service we offer. So, after working with you to detail your specific situation we create an individualized plan that fits your budget at a cost that returns profit rather than absorb budget. And, since we measure our deliverables each step of the way, you will see exactly what you receive for your marketing dollar.

What We Do For You

Why we champion Value Driven Advertising

To be effective and reach your audience, advertisements and promotions are most effective when they air immediately — prior to the time of decision.  The influence of ad exposure diminishes with time.  4MEDIA will analyze your product cycle to ensure your commercials and promotions are viewed by the right audience, targeted on correct day and time, on the most effective channel to maximize your media investment.

Why Our Clients Like Us

CLIENTS LIKE how they can monitor the results of their TV campaigns immediately because 4MEDIA captures phone numbers through a dedicated phone # and provides real-time call tracking and daily Return-On-Investment (ROI). Instant credibility is established in ways other agencies cannot provide.

CLIENTS LIKE the instant feedback and how 4MEDIA can quickly retarget or change a campaign based on immediate results – attractive to all clients, especially to new marketers.

CLIENTS LIKE the depth of the 4MEDIA team who provide clients a personal and total approach to identifying, targeting, and executing marketing objectives. Clients consistently see the value, particularly in Mike’s unmatched experience as a direct response specialist trained on the job within the TV side AND agency side of the TV direct response-buying community.

CLIENTS LIKE how 4MEDIA seeks out advertisers in a categories they are familiar with, offering ads and commercials that are tested — “tried and true” – in similar markets across the country, eliminating unnecessary trial and error at the client’s expense.  

Clients truly LIKE the fact 4MEDIA does NOT require a contract or retainer.  The lack of a binding commitment reduces the risk of entering into a long-term commitment with an agency whose work is not returning positive results.  4MEDIA understands that a positive ROI ensures success and long-term relationships with clients.

CLIENTS LIKE how 4MEDIA provides individual attention and offers an array of services based on client’s particular needs. From TV to radio, online to outdoor, websites to print, SWOT analyses to marketing plans, event management and promotion, 4MEDIA provides knowledge and tools to create an individualized strategic marketing plan.

CLIENTS LIKE the flexibility 4MEDIA offers and how campaigns can be adapted to changing budgets, services and markets. Without a contract, clients stay part of the decision-making process and work together with 4MEDIA to choose, change, and adjust strategies and tools based on needs and costs — critical for any business, company or nonprofit. 


Craig Alan, Buckner Family Dentist, Dallas

“I would absolutely recommend 4MEDIA Marketing group.  4MEDIA has helped us here at our practice grow new patients, grow opportunities.  With our last marketing company, we were getting about a 3 1/2 to 1 return on our media purchases.  With 4MEDIA Marketing, we had a record month our first month.  Now we’re seeing closer to an 8 to 1 return on our advertising dollar. “


Paul Petitte, Senior Director of Marketing, Dignity Health, Oxnard, CA

“Prompt, valuable service where the client always comes first.  That sums up the experience with 4MEDIA. I trust 4MEDIA with all my marketing needs and have always been elated with their quality and strategy.  Their years of experience and eyes on the bottom line results in positive ROI.”

How We Work


Insight is defined as the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of a…

Insight is defined as the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of a person or product.

With over 35 years experience in the industry, including TV, radio, digital, marketing, website development, direct mail, electronic and print production services, we know how to creatively combine tools to achieve success.

With Mike and his team’s vast experience, we provide the insight and knowledge to offer you the best tools, staff and research to effectively and efficiently promote your business products and services.

Our philosophy is to keep marketing and advertising production costs down in every way possible, keeping more money available to maximize your success. Without required upfront fees or contracts, you are ensured flexibility, comfort and satisfaction, plus play a key role regarding how your money is spent – when, where, and why.

It is our goal to ensure you are provided insight into our advertising world and experience, are satisfied with our work and appreciate the value of services, based on performance and budget.


Perhaps the most overused (and least understood) word in our business, STRATEGY, requires a combination…

Perhaps the most overused (and least understood) word in our business, STRATEGY, requires a combination of veteran wisdom and timely, accurate media data. At 4MEDIA, it is our business; not to simply put your brand in front of people, but to know how, where, when and how.
We employ STRATA software to plan, forecast and manage all broadcast media campaigns and use market research and a combination of marketing tools to analyze, identify and target new markets.

Our negotiating strategies and decades-old respect in the industry, enables us to fine-tune media buys, plus uncover last minute opportunities right up until your first commercial runs or your newspaper ad or print project deadline hits. We simultaneously negotiate with multiple stations and vendors, providing you the best possible rates across a media platform, designed specifically for your campaign. Whether it is TV, radio, online, web or print, we consistently beat our competitors to ensure you the best pricing possible.

Our strategy includes educating our clients how their money is spent, every step of the way. We believe that every client deserves to know not just where their budget is invested, but how it is performing. Our clients receive monthly affidavits of performance, providing the actual times and prices for your spots, or monthly statements for costs. This ensures you that you are getting exactly what you paid for – and nothing you didn’t.


Our vision is simply focused on your Return-On-Investment (ROI). It is our belief that our…

Our vision is simply focused on your Return-On-Investment (ROI). It is our belief that our client’s money should not be spent without an understanding of their potential ROI.

ROI is not a formula, it is a responsibility. No one wants to spend money without return or gain. While many think of ROI as a term from the financial sector, at 4MEDIA, we use it to define “ROMI” – or Return on Media Investment. And while it’s not always as simple as you spend X and you get Y, we work with each client individually, on the front end of your initiative or campaign, to define measurable objectives against which performance can be measured. 

Whether you need TV, Radio, Outdoor, Billboard, Web Design, Print or any of our services, our vision is to utilize all our tools, research, staff, knowledge and years of experience to build creative advertising and marketing campaigns — to maximize your return of investment — with any service you choose.  And without contracts or retainers, we can always modify your campaign to adapt to your budget and match our services to your financial goals.

That’s our vision for you and we have been successful over 35 years, in 22 states. Call us to help your vision for your company become a reality with 4MEDIA.

4MEDIA Leadership

Mike Macomber

Mike Macomber

Mike Macomber is the President/CEO of 4MEDIA Marketing Group, LLC, which he created in 2008.  Serving in the role as an Account Executive, Regional Sales Manager, National Sales Manager and Agency Owner, Mike has been…

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